Blackline Systems

For automating and controlling the entire financial close process, companies turn to Blackline Systems but, for NetSuite expertise, they turned to Prolecto.

"We chose NetSuite One World as our accounting system and have been very pleased. We had choices for our implementation consultants and we selected Prolecto Resources. They provided us an excellent product; experienced leadership and management and service that was second to none. I’m a detailed oriented person who likes to know the current status of everything! Marty Zigman, owner of Prolecto Resources, is great to work with and provides weekly status updates for the project itself, the hours spent and the dollars behind the hours. It was great to know where you stand on a real time basis.

The patience, flexibility and expertise of our Prolecto Resources consultant was fantastic. I ask a lot of questions and our consultant had an answer and a plan for every one of them. We met in person and had numerous scheduled and unscheduled webinars and phone calls throughout our project. With Prolecto’s guidance, I finished my implementation within five days of my originally planned time, which I think is a major accomplishment. I also came in under budget. A win-win situation for me. I like them so much I hired them to help create custom reports and to get additional real time training in NetSuite. I have been very satisfied my implementation project and I would give a strong recommendation for Prolecto Resources."

Chuck Best, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, Blackline Systems