Alen Corp

Alen Corp produces a line of high quality air purifies for customers worldwide. Yet, for their eCommerce and NetSuite leadership, they trust the Prolecto team.

"We are early adopters of web technology since 2002. We developed our own eCommerce technology and focused on delivering better customer experience and value. As we grew, our demands grew and our systems and processes became more complex. I engaged with Marty Zigman and his team of professionals to manage our proprietary applications and scale our technology. The objective was to achieve this while delivering more reliable features and schedule commitments.

I am glad we have Marty and his team functioning as our extended technology team. They held our long-term concerns and emphasized the need to simplify our application environment. They eliminated a myriad of business systems that were expensive to maintain, difficult to obtain valuable information and hard to use. We choose NetSuite to support our global business this year even though Marty had proposed NetSuite in 2008. He was patient with us even though it was the right thing in his mind. Instead he continued to take care of our existing technology infrastructure while giving us time to come to our independent conclusion.

There was no doubt in my mind that Marty and his team would tackle our complex, multi-company implementation. Every member of our senior management respected Prolecto's senior consultants' skills and professionalism. Today, we are able to conduct business internationally and I am confident in our capacity to grow our business. I highly recommend Marty and the Prolecto team to handle complex situations with a high degree of care and trust."

Warburg Lee, Founder and CEO
Alen Corporation