Prodege LLC

Prodege LLC is the world's leading people powered influence network. Through its portfolio of properties including,, and, they offer full vertical consumer influence solutions to brands and partners.

When it came to laying a foundational business system, they turned to Prolecto Resources.

"We were referred to Prolecto from a highly respected outside accounting consultant and a fellow CFO having just completed a similar migration from QuickBooks to NetSuite using Prolecto and specifically Marty Zigman as the facilitator.

This should not have been an easy process, but Marty's thoroughness and collaboration in understanding our business and needs at the outset made it seem that way. He was omnipresent when we needed him and in the shadows when we didn't. In other words, we were in total control on exactly how much assistance/cost we were going to need/incur. Though Marty always spoke up if we ever started to slip on timing, thankfully, as we went live on time and on budget.

We chose to go with a simplified approach while holding more complex NetSuite implementations for later. Marty's approach and effectiveness during this first wave will ensure a partnership on future projects as there is no shortage of ideas that Marty has shared that could make our operations more efficient with some of the other NetSuite features. Go Prolecto!"

Brad Kates, CFO
rodege LLC