LifeFactory is the leading brand of premium silicone covered glassware sold by key US retailers in the housewares category. Experts in glass and formed silicone, when it came to their NetSuite implementation, they selected experts in NetSuite, Prolecto Resources.
"Our years of work to establish our brand finally paid off and we hit the point were we needed to scale the organization to achieve high order volume and performance with less staff and stronger management. We knew we needed to move from QuickBooks & Fishbowl inventory management and on to the NetSuite business platform.

Understanding that the implementation project had a number of complexities including EDI integration, warehouse integration, and new inventory practices, we wanted an A-Team to lead our efforts. In asking respected business owners already on the NetSuite platform, they suggested working with Marty and his team.

Marty worked with our management team to scope the project which resulted in a phased implementation plan. Marty brought in a senior professional with expertise in both NetSuite, inventory and distribution practices. We worked together to reconstitute our product master, customer definition, assembly operation, and order management practices. Marty and his team worked with our EDI partner to lead requirements and testing. Marty designed the integration between our eCommerce web site and NetSuite order fulfillment. Our customer requirements demanded that we invent practices which were not native to the NetSuite platform; for example, we needed a way to handle consignment order flows and invoice generation prior to shipment -- Marty illustrated that he could quickly enhance NetSuite to produce solutions. Today, we are pleased to say that we have integrated order management capacities with full accounting management and are poised to take on our advanced growth.

Of note, Lifefactory was shipping to capacity by day two of the NetSuite launch.

The project outcomes showed that we made the right choice to select NetSuite and Prolecto Resources team as our partner. If you concerned about getting your NetSuite project complete, you will be well served working with Marty and his highly capable team."

Gina Del Vecchio, Chief Operating Officer