Edgewater Networks

For well over a decade, Edgewater Networks has been the leader in carrier grade electronic voice and video routers serving all the major US telco brands.  Yet, when it comes to NetSuite, they selected Prolecto Resources as their choice implementer.

"Edgewater Networks had been using a home grown Salesforce.com system acting as an ERP system with a loosely connected Intacct accounting system.  Our focus on customer needs necessitated complex manufacturing and distribution practices that, when combined with the variety of systems in use, resulted in many manual touches on the same transaction.  The systems and practices in place did not scale with the growth the company was experiencing, and we realized we needed a complete overhaul to ensure we could continue to meet business requirements of customers as well as having a single source of truth for the business.  This left us with the challenge of a project with a daunting scope and the demands to work with our proprietary manufacturing equipment to license and configure our serialized inventory.

We were enthusiastic about the integrated accounting that could drive our complex revenue recognition requirements demanded for hardware and software companies, and selected the NetSuite ERP to replace most of our Salesforce.com home-built fulfillment functions.  We initially selected a group of NetSuite professionals who were unable to demonstrate that they could hold our requirements nor design the end to end solutions we needed -- we lost a year not only in time, but also in real dollars as our licenses became active.

Frustrated and concerned, we knew we needed a special team with not only a robust understanding of accounting and best practices in business, but also depth in NetSuite systems integration to make the vision a reality.  When we met Marty and his team of professionals we were immediately impressed with their ability to quickly grasp Edgewater Networks's requirements and provide feedback and suggest improvements to the practices in place.  Marty was able to work with a respected Salesforce.com consultant to come up with a vision for our project implementation.  It demanded a welcome re-architecture of some of our proprietary business systems.  The Prolecto team invented new asset and entitlement management applications that coupled with our license and manufacturing equipment to address our serialized inventory needs.  The combined teams were also able to create a Salesforce.com order entry application that linked to NetSuite to satisfy our varying fulfillment requirements.  We also accomplished all of our revenue recognition requirements and now have visibility and control over business performance in a near real time.  With the foresight shown in this implementation, we also have building blocks and flexibility in the systems that will allow Edgewater Networks to scale and to grow with the customer centric approach we have always had.

Now that we have successfully transitioned from Intaact and homegrown Salesforce.com approach, I look back at the experience and know we had no chance to succeed without the leadership and depth of knowledge offered by Marty and his team.  They embraced the many challenges our project presented and displayed a level of commitment and teamwork that inspired the Edgewater Networks team to get this project across the finish line.  I enthusiastically recommend the Prolecto Resources team for especially complex NetSuite implementations or enhancements."

Jason Luehrs
Controller, Edgewater Networks