NetSuite Capabilities

NetSuite is phenomenally powerful, but it’s not the answer to every technology challenge. That’s why our clients keep calling us back.

They know that our technologists combine business experience, systems integration skills, and Prolecto’s own ethical approach to best practices to develop the right solutions – even solutions that don’t involve technology.  And we do that by forming teams that include senior employees and independent specialists, all of whom are specifically qualified for each project and abide by our best practices guidelines.

We are a NetSuite Systems Integrator and we organized our teams to generally include a: 

  • Project Manager who defines, budgets, and manages each engagement.
  • Business Analyst who can assess opportunities to ensure that the project meets its objectives and provides the greatest benefit and quickest ROI.
  • Software Engineer who determines the most effective technologies for achieving the project’s objectives, minimizing the cost of ongoing maintenance tasks, and conforming to the allocated budget.

Make our team part of your own. Tell us about the problems you’re trying to solve, and we’ll respond right away.