Our Philosophy

Our commercial philosophy is about capturing the power possible with the latest practices offered through internet-enabled business management software. In our assessment, for the small to mid size business, two key technology architectures open competitive opportunities while significantly lower costs:

  1. Software consumed over the internet from service providers ("Cloud Computing") is significantly lower in costs to get to the same or better functionality over traditional premise solutions.
  2. Fully integrated software meeting the majority of the organization's recurring business transactional requirements is lower cost and produces significantly better coordination than traditional stand-alone applications that eventually require custom integration.

We are sensitive to the fact that software and premise-based infrastructure investments may have already been made and thus we consider how to best leverage installed software to quickly meet business objectives. At the same time, we urge our clients to continually question the value they get out of the old IT model. Ultimately, we believe that the market is evolving to the point where being competent in server equipment, software operating systems, database administration, and networking will be left to utility companies that supply highly reliable and secure services to businesses world-wide.

Because of our philsophy, we believe the NetSuite platform is the leading platform that can deliver on our vision.  As such, we have focused our skills as a NetSuite Systems Integrator.  We have developed a menu of services that we think is in touch with clients that are in advanced growth.