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Because Prolecto Resources sees so many businesses from the inside (and knows NetSuite inside-out), we’re able to develop insights that any company can use to enhance their operations... and their bottom line.

Those insights, hints, tips, how-tos, and industry observations are written up by Marty Zigman and published here. Feel free to explore, read, share, and apply any of the information and, if you come across something that you think applies to you and the success of your business, get in touch.  Below are a sample of recent articles.



Solving the NetSuite Aged Inventory Challenge

by Marty Zigman on November 10, 2018

See how a NetSuite Suitelet can be used to solve a challenging aged inventory report.

Tags: , Accounting, NetSuite, Technical

Tip: How to Expand / Unexpand NetSuite Tabs when No Icon is Present

by Marty Zigman on November 03, 2018

Learn the tip to add &unlayered=F to NetSuite URLs to expand and contract the tabbed user interface.

Tags: , General, Infrastructure, NetSuite

How To Dynamically Draw a NetSuite Address

by Marty Zigman on October 27, 2018

Learn the NetSuite SuiteScript 2.0 pattern to dynamically present an address block while hiding the default.

Tags: , NetSuite, Technical

How to Drive NetSuite Credit Card Acceptance against a Sales Order

by Marty Zigman on October 20, 2018

See how you can have a customer pay for a NetSuite sales order with a credit card to automatically generate a linked customer deposit.

Tags: , Accounting, CRM, NetSuite

Install a NetSuite SDF Developer Bundle to Overcome 2FA

by Marty Zigman on October 13, 2018

Get a NetSuite bundle to install an SDF Developer Account to Drive Eclipse Software Development

Tags: , Infrastructure, NetSuite, Technical