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Because Prolecto Resources sees so many businesses from the inside (and knows NetSuite inside-out), we’re able to develop insights that any company can use to enhance their operations... and their bottom line.

Those insights, hints, tips, how-tos, and industry observations are written up by Marty Zigman and published here. Feel free to explore, read, share, and apply any of the information and, if you come across something that you think applies to you and the success of your business, get in touch.  Below are a sample of recent articles.



NetSuite Bulk Update for Tracking Numbers

by Marty Zigman on January 13, 2018

Learn how you can update NetSuite item fulfillment records to include tracking information.

Tags: , ERP, NetSuite, Technical, NetSuite SuiteScript

Tip: Gain More Working NetSuite Screen Real Estate

by Marty Zigman on January 13, 2018

Learn a couple tips to get more NetSuite working screen space to improve your day-to-day productivity.

Tags: , NetSuite

Learn How To Add Amount Remaining on NetSuite Customer Deposits

by Marty Zigman on January 06, 2018

Learn how you can add custom fields so you can determine the amount of funds remain available to be consumed on a customer deposit record.

Tags: , Accounting, NetSuite, Technical

Learn How To Recurrently Accept NetSuite Customer Payments and Deposits

by Marty Zigman on December 17, 2017

Learn how you can setup NetSuite recurring charge records to automatically charge credit cards and produce customer payments and deposits.

Tags: , Accounting, ERP, NetSuite

Learn How To Accept Different Foreign Currency in NetSuite Cash Receipt Operations

by Marty Zigman on December 09, 2017

Learn the technique to accept one currency in NetSuite for invoices denominated in another currency.

Tags: , Accounting, NetSuite