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Because Prolecto Resources sees so many businesses from the inside (and knows NetSuite inside-out), we’re able to develop insights that any company can use to enhance their operations... and their bottom line.

Those insights, hints, tips, how-tos, and industry observations are written up by Marty Zigman and published here. Feel free to explore, read, share, and apply any of the information and, if you come across something that you think applies to you and the success of your business, get in touch.  Below are a sample of recent articles.



Learn how to Hide NetSuite Sublist Buttons and Other HTML Elements

by Marty Zigman on September 22, 2018

Understand how to modify the NetSuite browser to manipulate the user interface.

Tags: , NetSuite, Technical

Learn the NetSuite SuiteScript 2.0 Pattern to Add a Tab and a Sublist

by Marty Zigman on September 06, 2018

Review the SuiteScript 2.0 code pattern to dynamically add a NetSuite Tab and a sublist.

Tags: , NetSuite, Technical

How To Cross NetSuite Foreign Currency Boundaries with the Account Clearing Model

by Marty Zigman on September 02, 2018

Learn how to use a different currency in NetSuite to settle a transaction with the account clearing model.

Tags: , Accounting, NetSuite

Learn How to Determine the Number of NetSuite Item Groups Available for Sale

by Marty Zigman on August 25, 2018

Get the SuiteScript to determine the number of available NetSuite item groups are available or on hand in inventory.

Tags: , Accounting, General, NetSuite, Reporting

NetSuite Trust Accounting with Move Customer Deposit

by Marty Zigman on August 19, 2018

Learn how NetSuite can be used to produce Trust accounting. Also learn how you can move customer deposit funds from one entity to another.

Tags: , Accounting, NetSuite