About Us

Uniquely Familiar

We’re you... externalized – your IT staff’s NetSuite brain trust and, sometimes, your whole IT department. You’ll get to a point when you forget that we’re not on your payroll because we know your business just as well as you do (and share the goals we’re there to help you reach).

We’re NetSuite specialists –- the leading NetSuite professional consultancy in Southern California with clients nationwide -– but we’re businesspeople first with more than a quarter of a century of experience using technology to provide clients with operational, competitive, and cost advantages.

Our clients generate upwards of $20 million in revenue annually, run the gamut from NetSuite novices to seasoned users ready to expand on what NetSuite can do, and rely on us to make things happen better, faster, and more profitably – on an ongoing basis.

How we Got Here

After leaving the Big Four as a CPA and management consultant, running a DotCom, and being a CTO, Prolecto began in 2003 when Marty Zigman summarized his experience to help SMBs select, implement, and extend leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and eCommerce applications.  Since then, Prolecto has assisted countless companies in industries ranging from technology and entertainment, to manufacturing and e-commerce. The systems we’ve developed have contributed to significant productivity improvements and new sources of revenue increasing enterprise value.

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